Rug Restoration and Rug Cleaning

We provide a full range of services to care for all kinds of handmade floor coverings, including Oriental rugs and carpets, kilims, soumaks, dhurries, cecims, and more.   Our services include professional expert rug cleaning, rug repair, and rug restoration.  We are a family-owned, family-run business and pride ourselves on the personalized service and attention we give to our customers.

Rug Restoration and Rug Repair:

Our skilled rug restorers can address many different problems that affect Oriental rugs, including:

  • Tears and worn pile: Sometimes after years of wear and use, the handknotted fibers that constitute the pile of a rug begin to thin out and a hole gradually begins to form in the field of a rug.  Other times, heavy furniture or similarly heavy objects are dragged across a rug in such a way that a hole appears instantly.  We repair this damage by rebuilding any missing warp and reknotting the pile consistent with the original motifs.
  • Moth damage: Moths pose a significant threat to any wool items, including wool rugs and kilims.  Often moths work silently when rugs are stored for long periods of time, or even under heavy furniture where there is no air circulation.   We repair rugs damaged by moths and also provide clients with cleaning services necessary to eliminate live moth larvae.
  • Curling edges
  • Cracks and breaks
  • Unraveling
  • Damaged edges (selvages)
  • Unraveling fringes: Fringes, which are the exposed areas of the warp that extend beyond the edge of the pile, are often the first areas damaged in a rug.  We can repair unraveled fringes as well as bind the fringes to help prevent further damage.

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning:

We use traditional techniques to professionally clean handmade rugs.  We neither steam-clean the rugs entrusted to us nor use similar cleaning methods meant for broadloom or wall-to-wall carpets.  We care exclusively for handmade carpets using traditional, safe, and effective cleaning processes.

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