Kilim Cleaning

Kilims are exquisite examples of flat-weavings that can last generations.   Kilims (also spelled kelims) are made in many different parts of the world including Turkey, Iran, Morocco, and Bolivia,  to name just a few.  We provide professional kilim cleaning services to help our clients preserve and care for their kilims.

It is important to professionally clean your kilims on a regular basis.  How often you do so depends on many factors (including whether you have pets or have your kilim in a high traffic area).   On average, most people should professionally clean their kilims once every two years.

Our kilim cleaning process involves safe and traditional techniques, including:

  • First, we assess the kilim based on its condition. Antique or silk kilims generally are more sensitive and are more susceptible to damage during the cleaning process.  It is important to examine each piece so as to ensure minimizing the risk of damaging the kilim during the cleaning process.
  • Next, we examine whether the kilim has had any restoration or repairs and also look to see if there are any damaged areas.  If so, we take steps to try to minimize the risk of any further damage.
  • We remove as much dust and particles from the kilim as possible using special vacuum cleaners.
  • We test each kilim for color fastness. If the colors are particularly suspectible to color run, we have to use special methods to clean the kilim.  Although there is no way to eliminate the risk of color-run completely, there are steps we take to minimize the risk.
  • If the kilim is relatively color-fast, we soak it in a pool in the next phase of the cleaning process.
  • If the kilim smells or has a pet odor, we will neutralize the smell or odor using natural materials that will not damage the kilim.
  • We brush the kilim to remove any embedded dust particles.
  • We allow the kilim to dry while taking steps to minimize the risk of shrinkage and fiber curling.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our professional kilim cleaning process.

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