Rug Restoration

We repair and restore all kinds of handmade rugs, kilims, soumaks, dhurries, and cecims.  We provide our clients with a vast range of rug repair and rug restoration services ranging from simple reinforcements of loose weavings to extensive restorations of missing pile or weft.  By repairing and restoring all carpets entrusted to us using traditional weaving techniques, we help our clients preserve their treasured heirlooms, collectible weavings, and beloved additions in their home decor.  We can address a number of common problems affecting oriental carpet, including:

* worn fringes
* damaged, torn, or worn pile
* unraveling
* damaged selvages

All of our rug repairs and rug restoration work is done by hand using traditional weaving techniques. We do not machine-bind or use machine-made fringes to repair oriental rug.

Please contact us to receive a free price quote for the rug repair or rug restoration you require.

Rug Restoration

Kilim Damage

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