Oriental Rug Restoration

Our professional Oriental rug repair and restoration services are done exclusively by expert artisans who have spent decades perfecting their craft.  Whether you need to repair a hole in a Persian Heriz, repair and bind an unraveling fringe of a Turkish Oushak, or need to repair a Moroccan rug that has been eaten by moths, we can provide you with expert traditional Oriental carpet repair and restoration for all your needs.  We use only traditional Oriental carpet repair techniques; we not use any machine-sewing, binding or machine-made fringes.

Our full range of professional Oriental carpet restoration services include the following:

* repairing worn rug fringes
* repairing or restoring damaged, torn, or worn Oriental carpet pile
* binding and repairing unraveling edges of Oriental rugs
* repairing or restoring holes in Oriental rugs caused by moths or heavy furniture

Please contact us at 212 300 3348 to receive a free price quote for the Oriental rug repair or rug restoration you require.

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